THIS Is How To Check Your Health In Under A Minute With Only A Spoon…

Knowing the status of your health is crucial so you can take appropriate action on time.

However, you don’t have to go to the doctor every time you feel anxious about your health.

Bright Side found a simple way to perform a health checkup without leaving your home.

We do not advocate not going to the doctor, we are simply giving you an alternative ways to get some insight.

How to check your health using only a spoon:How-To-Check-Your-Health-With-A-Spoon

1. Take a common spoon, and scrape it over the entire surface of the tongue, abundantly wetting it with saliva.

2. Put the spoon into a transparent plastic bag, and place it under a bright light: the sun or a desk lamp.

3. Wait 1 minute, and check the spoon.


A clean spoon with no stains or unpleasant odors means you have no problems with the health of your internal organs.

If there’s an odor:

– Putrefactive, strong — problems with the lungs or stomach;

– Sweet — it may be diabetes;

– Ammonia — problems with the kidneys;

If there are stains:

– White or yellow with a thick coating — thyroid gland dysfunction;

– Purple — bronchitis, poor blood circulation, high cholesterol level;

– White — respiratory infection;

– Orange — kidney disease;

Consulting your doctor is always the best choice. However, there is no harm in knowing about all the other ways that can give you insight about your health!

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