19 Signs Parasites Are Residing In Your Body – These Natural Foods Can Help Destroy Them!

Even the most hygienic of individuals can become infected with a parasite at some point in their lives.

Simply being outdoors exposes you to certain parasites that harbor in your body, and they are tricky to get rid of.

19 Signs Parasites Are Residing In Your Body:19 Signs Parasites are Residing In Your Body

If you experience the following symptoms you may have a parasite so check with your doctor:

1. Constant yeast infections such as Candida;

2. Appetite loss;

3. Headaches;

4. Unexplained hunger;

5. Constant fatigue;

6. Mood swings, depression, restlessness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and irritability;

7. Gum bleeding;

8. Constant cravings for sugars and processed foods;

9. Sensitivities and allergies to foods;

10. Iron deficiency or anemia;

11. Skin issues like acne, lesions, hives, rashes, sores, ulcers, itching dermatitis, weeping eczema, and others;

12. Fidgeting and nervousness;

13. Issues with breathing;

14. Drooling during sleep and grinding of teeth;

15. Memory-related issues;

16. Menstrual issues with women/reproductive dysfunctions with men;

17. Stiff and sore joints;

18. Ithcing all over, particularly around the nose, mouth, and anus;

19. Consistent digestive problems;

These Natural Foods Can Help Destroy The Parasites:These Herbs Can Help Destroy The Parasites

Parasitic infections can be treated naturally with all-natural remedies!


Garlic has very strong natural antibiotic properties, meaning it is great at fighting infections, fungus and many different types of bacteria. It is the allicin in the garlic which is the active ingredient, it must be crushed in order to release the antioxidant properties.


Cloves have anti-germ properties, the presence of a compound called Caryophyllene means clove is full of antimacrobial properties. These microbes can destroy parasites, larva and eggs when in the bloodstream. Historically, has been known to treat malaria, cholera, scabies and tuberculosis.


Ginger helps fight parasites and infections in the body by giving the body’s natural gas a boost making it more potent at killing unwanted enemies.

Cucumber seeds

A little-known trick is that these seeds will remove tapeworms from your digestive tracts, due to a special enzyme they have which kills them off.

Raw pumpkin seeds

Parasitic eggs are destroyed by the potent power of raw pumpkin seeds. They are full of natural fat and contain the substance Curcurbitin which is an anti-parasitic compound.


Products high in natural probiotics such as kefir, raw yogurt, and sauerkraut work by boosting your healthy gut bacteria, making it stronger and more powerful to fight off any potential infections.

Black Walnut’s Green Hulls

High in tannin – known as organic iodine – when ground, the hulls are known to kill parasites and have been used for thousands of years for this purpose.


The magic spice, turmeric is full of anti-oxidants which help fight off infections.

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