11 Detox Foods That Relentlessly Clean Your Organs And Body From Aluminium Toxicity…

Have you ever wondered that the same aluminium foil which protects food can be harmful for us too?

The foil that we use leaves behind residues and can lead to several health related issues.

The very consumption of such food leads to diseases like indigestion, mild headache or can cause damage to other organs too.

Not only this, it can be dangerous for our brain by causing diseases such as Alzheimer.

But this issue does not end with the use of aluminium foil, one needs to be careful about the water that we receive from the supply and also the use of antiperspirants and cosmetic products.

When we consume the food, it is accompanied by the aluminium residual and hence that gets stored in our liver. So our liver being the detox cleanse site rescues and maintains the equilibrium.

The consumed aluminium gets divided and stored in different organs like liver as mentioned, lungs, brain, bones and thyroid. But its major chunk gets stored in the liver.

Health Problems Due To Aluminium Toxicity In Liver:11 Detox Foods Clean Your Organs Aluminium Toxicity

According to studies, health problems often occur due to this aluminium toxicity in liver.

Even other organism such as rats too become victims of aluminium consumption as it leads to the toxic hepatitis in them i.e. inflammation of the liver.

The other disease that we found is known as hepatotoxicity with similar symptoms but condition differs.


– Abdominal pain;

– Nausea;

– Fatigue;

– Fever;

– Weakness;

– The body turns pale;

– The colour of the urine changes;

So, in order to cleanse this toxicity all one can do is to eat the kind of food which supports the liver and keeps it strong.

What to eat?

Here Are 11 Detox Foods:

One should look for the edibles which are rich source of glutathione and contains omega-3 fatty acids like walnuts and avocados as they alleviate inflammation and have antioxidants that are important for detoxification.

Even green tea too could help for the same. The very consumption of green tea enriches the function of liver as it has catechin which serves the role of an antioxidant.

Food products like beets are also helpful. They provide nutrients, vitamins, iron and calcium and also help the liver to narrow down the bile which are produced in it and travels into small intestine.

Garlic is considered as one of the best detox product. It contains selenium, arginine, vitamin B6 and vitamin c.

Turmeric on the other hand works as an antioxidant.

Matcha green tea and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and kale contain compounds which not only help in detoxification but protect us from diseases like radical damage and cancer.

And grapefruit is one of the most essential food products as it contains detox enzymes.

So now we know how our liver plays an important role in the detox process and what all we can do to take care of our diet by including the food products which are helpful for the same.

It’s also crucial to decrease our alcohol consumption rate and hydrate ourselves properly.

The most important thing is to stop relying on painkillers as they increase the risk of toxicity due to presence of chemical products in them.

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