These Are The 5 Best Ways To Detox Your Body Through Your Feet…

Reflexology tells us that there exist certain zones in our body that are intrinsically linked with our well-being. These zones regulate the flow of energy thus holding a very important position in the fields of acupuncture, acupressure and the likes.

This is a holistic approach, but one that has proven its worth. Different zones on the foot are believed to represent different parts of the body and by massaging or administering pressure on these parts almost any organ in the body could be treated.

Our feet are of paramount importance in this de-stressing and detoxifying regime. Being at the bottom of the anatomy makes it the point of accumulation for a lot of inorganic waste products which don’t break down easily. Therefore it is important to eliminate them from the body as they could lead to a lot of hormonal problems, allergies, skin conditions and body pain.

Here 5 best methods for detoxifying your body through your feet:

5 Best Ways To Detox Your Body Through Your FeetHow to Detox Through Your Feet

1. Detoxification through foot pads:

Foot detox pads have been around for quite some time and could be easily sourced from any medical store. It has an easy procedure for usage which just requires you to put them on your feet before you go to sleep.

When you remove them in the morning you will notice that they would have acquired a dark hue. This indicates the toxins it has pulled out through your feet.

2. Detoxifying Ionic foot baths:

Ionic foot baths work on the principle of electrolysis. The apparatus used produces a low frequency electrical current which stimulates the cells and energy points.

The salt used in the bath acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. You place your feet in the bath for about half an hour and the process is believed to release toxins from your body changing the color of the water to the color of rust.

3. Homemade salt detox bath:

You could also make a personal foot detox bath without any apparatus at home.

Here is the recipe:

– Epsom salt-one cup;

– Sea salt-one cup;

– Baking soda-two cups;

– Essential oils-optional;


1. Add all the ingredients in boiling water and melt.

2. Take a tub, add warm water and apple cider vinegar.

3. Now add the melted salt in the warm water and soak your feet/or your body in for about half an hour.

The process might leave you feeling exhausted afterwards but it helps in soothing skin irritations and detoxifying the body.

4. Homemade clay detox bath recipe:


– Bentonite clay-half cup;

– Epsom salt-half cup;

– Essential oils-optional;


Mix the clay in a small amount of warm water and put aside.

In a tub, dissolve the Epsom salt and oils in warm water.

Now mix the melted clay and soak in your feet/or your body for half an hour.

5. Homemade oxygen detox bath recipe:


– Hydrogen peroxide-2 cups;

– Dried ginger powder-1 tablespoon;


1. Mix both the ingredients in the bath and soak in for half an hour.

2. The components of this detox recipe help your body get rid of toxins leading to an irritation and allergy free body.