5 Key Reasons Why Japanese Women Stay Slim And Don’t Look Old

The pristine nature of Japan is an experience to behold. From the scenery, the cuisine, the people, to the lifestyle and culture. Everything is unique and deeply steeped in its culture.

One thing that has aroused the curiosity of a lot of people is how the Japanese folk manage to retain their youthful looks and physique even after crossing a certain age.

The women especially have the radiance and litheness of their younger years that has been the desire for most people worldwide who find the solution in surgeries and drugs that are harmful to their bodies.

By enquiring further one can find out the reason behind it. The Japanese cuisine and lifestyle is designed to impart health and youthful energy to whoever embraces it.

The greatest example of this fact being that Japan holds the highest proportion of people who live beyond the age of 100.

Unlike most of the popular cultures, Japanese cuisine doesn’t focus solely on the taste. Their food habits are designed to extract all the health benefits from whatever they intake.

There are many more reasons behind the coveted physique and youthfulness of the Japanese women but here are the 5 most important factors:

5 Reasons Why Japanese Women Stay Slim And Don’t Look Old:Reasons Why Japanese Women Don't Look Old

1. Green Tea

The matcha (green tea powder) is prepared with the highest quality tea leaves. The tea thus formed is an integral part of the tea-ceremony culture in Japan, where it is prepared and presented with much care.

This antioxidant rich drink helps in fighting free radicals, delays the ageing process and aids weight loss. It has been proven that drinking green tea also reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

2. Healthier cooking techniques

Japanese cooking revolves around consuming food that is primarily simmered, grilled or else eaten raw.

There is very low requirement for deep-frying any food item. This way they preserve the taste and nutrients of the ingredients while avoiding excess oil.

3. Seafood

Being surrounded by the sea, it is only natural that seafood is a major part of the Japanese cuisine. Being a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and essential nutrients, seafood contains more health benefits for the human body than meat.

Using healthy cooking techniques Japanese seafood is prepared to restore its goodness. Omega-3 fatty acids help in preventing various skin disorders and lead to smoother skin while the other nutrients help in reducing inflammation and build a healthier nervous system.

4. Hot spring baths

This is a unique concept of the Japanese culture which is known to prolong life. Japan has thousands of hot spring baths or ‘onsen’ throughout its landscape, thanks to the volcanic activity on its part of the continent.

An onsen has healing powers owing to the temperature and its mineral content which enter your skin as you soak in them. This helps in better blood circulation and oxygen flow which in turn helps reduce stress and various body ailments.

5. Dessert choices

Sugar has become one of the most blamed for food item when it comes to the various health issues all over the world. Even then we can’t get over our fixation for desserts.

Japanese cuisine eliminates that risk by not having dessert as an integral part of their meal. They have much less sugar, refined flour and processed ingredients that have led to obesity troubles all over. Fresh fruits are their preferred end of the meal dessert and their other sweets are made from healthier alternatives like sweet potatoes and buckwheat flour.

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