New Study Finds That Psilocybin Hyperconnects The Brain

The active psychedelic ingredient found in certain species of mushrooms has been found  to connect the brain in ways never seen before.

Psilocybins have many positive effects on the human brain, being known to cure ailments such as travel sickness and having magical effects on perception and spirituality.

They have been  used for centuries with cave painting of mushrooms being found dated over 6,000 years ago.

A lack of studies on psilocybins has led to a poor understanding on exactly how the substance works, but a recent study had a ground-breaking result.

The study, conducted at Kings College, London has found that psilocybins have an effect on the brain like nothing else seen before.

They found the compound to be connecting parts of the brain that are usually completely separate.

New Study Finds That Psilocybin Hyperconnects The Brain

Study co-author Paul Expert said:

“…the compound connects brain regions that don’t normally talk together.”

The study found ‘long range connections’ between areas of the brain causing a state of synesthesia which accounts for why people describe seeing colours when listening to music.

Fellow Kings College psychopharmacology researcher Mitul Mehta said:

“…through studies such as these we can really begin to tackle the questions of how we achieve coherent experiences of ourselves in the world around us, and understand what makes this break down.”

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