People Find Exposure To Smart Meters EMF Radiation Causes Strange Health Problems!

People who have smart meters installed in their homes are putting themselves at risk of damaging their health.

Smart meters have had their fare share of controversy since they became a common household addition.

They have been accused of over estimating the amount of electricity certain households were using, causing electric bills to shoot up, the exact opposite of what they were invented to do.

Many households trust the information their smart meter is giving to their energy supplier, but many don’t know if the information it sends is accurate.

And now there is a warning of a risk of something called electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

This is an umbrella term for a variety of different symptoms that people have complained of after installing their smart meters.

The symptoms of EMF radiation can include feeling down and depressed for no reason, heightened anxiety and a loss of interest and the zest for life.

It is thought that EMF radiation occurs due to a high level of electromagnetic impulses being given off from the device, and this can alter human biological functions.

If you cast your mind back to when mobile phones were enjoying their first popularity, there were constant scares about the amount of radiation that was given from the devices, and this only settled down after enough years of them being upgraded so that the public trusted they were safe.

The World Health Organization classes wireless radiation as a ‘2B carciongen‘.

Other Strange Health Problems In Relation To EMF Radiation:Exposure To EMF Radiation Causes Health Problems

Some of the other symptoms that have been described in relation to EMF radiation include:

– Sleep problems;

– Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability;

– Headaches;

– Ringing in the ears;

– Concentration and memory problems;

– Fatigue, muscle and physical weakness;

– Heart palpitations and chest pain;

– Arthritis and other bodily pains;

– Respiratory problems, sinus, asthma;

– Endocrine disorders;

– Seizures;

The chart below shows the complaints attributed to EMF radiation:

EMF Radiation

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How Smart Meters Affect Your Body

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