Here Is How To Create Alkaline Water – The Closest Thing We Have To An Elixir

Acidosis can happen as an effect of the accumulation of various factors, like the food you consume, the toxins found all around us in our modern lifestyle, or due to everyday stress.

We face a higher risk of being afflicted with digestive issues, weight gain and fatigue if our body is too acidic.

Beyond a certain level, the acidic elements in our body may turn our normal cells toxic and even cancerous.

Alkalinity is the key to good overall health

The pH scale has a range of 0-14. Here 14 is the most alkaline, 0 most acidic and 7 being the neutral point.

Although our body requires a 7.5 pH level for the best health, each of our body parts have different requirements than the whole.

  • Skin- pH of 5;
  • Saliva-pH 6.5-7;
  • Digestive tract- pH varies from 1.5-7;

In 1931the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine was awarded to Dr. Otto Warburg for his significant discovery in the field which stated that about 90-95% of all cancers were triggered by an acidic environment.

Also included in the report was the find that cancer can’t survive and thrive in an alkaline body (i.e. with a pH of 7.36).

An over-acidic body environment or Acidosis has direct impact on various diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and osteoporosis.

Ways to detect a body’s acidity

The simplest way to do so is to take a pH paper test with our saliva.

Some of the more apparent symptoms for acidity are:

– Muscle cramps;

– Difficulty in air intake;

– Chronic fatigue;

– Running out of breath;

When the pH level of the body drops, in order to keep the optimal pH balance intact certain organs like the liver, kidneys and lungs start accumulating highly acidic substances. This is done in order to keep the body pH level at 7.35-7.45.

The problem with this process is that with time these acidic substances start attacking our normal cells, damaging them and turning them toxic.

If left uncontrolled the cells could metastasize, grow without control and spread to other body parts.

Steps for fighting acidosis

The major culprit for acidosis is our diet. We are what we eat, so it naturally makes more sense to take care of what we consume, especially when it comes to processed food and over acidic substances.

An excess of caffeine, sugar or alcohol could lead to chronic acidosis.

In addition to making the necessary changes in your diet, you must also start the consumption of alkaline water.

It fights acidosis by giving the body the required elements for homeostasis and prevents diseases.

Alkaline water recipe:How To Create Alkaline Water


– 1 glass jar-large;
– Himalayan salt- 1 teaspoon (could easily be found in any health food store);
– Purified water- 2 ltr;
– Lemon-1;

How To Prepare:

1. Wash the lemon and slice it without taking off the peel.
2. Pour the water in the jar.
3. Add the sliced lemon and Himalayan salt to the jar and cover it.
4. Let it sit untouched for 24 hours (at room temperature).
5. Drink 3 glasses of this before breakfast each morning.

This drink will slowly boost your metabolism and you will notice a gradual increase in your energy levels. It makes your brain more active and clears away all the impurities from your skin.

However do keep in mind that this alone won’t work wonders for your body. You must make the essential diet changes like avoiding the consumption of sugar, processed food, excess oil etc in order to be healthy from the inside.

Regular consumption of this alkaline water works as an additional booster for your system, preventing acidosis and enhancing overall health at the same time.

Source: Daily Health Keeper;