5 Cancer Causing Toxins All Around Us And 8 Ways To Avoid Them

No matter how clean we might assume the environment around us to be, the truth is far from it being clean!

With the steady depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, and the increasing pollution, the level of pollutants in the air around us has reached alarming levels.

We breathe this air, thus we are getting pumped up on these toxins every day.

The worrisome point is that once these toxins reach a tipping point in our body, our system breaks. This leads to a number of diseases, including Cancer.

The boom in the manufacturing industry is partly to be blamed for this phenomenon. Back in 1998, U.S. reported that its industries was manufacturing close to 9000 different chemicals that amounted to 6.5 trillion pounds.

As a result, 7.1 billion pounds of waste was dumped which ended up in the water, soil and air. As a result at least 650 unique industrial pollutants have found their way into the environment.

Given below are 5 of these hazardous chemicals one should be aware of and avoid through informed choices:

5 Cancer Causing Toxins In Our Environment:Cancer Causing Toxins Around Us

1. PCBs ( polychlorinated biphenyls):

Despite being banned for decades in the U.S., this chemical’s traces still remain in the environment. It accumulates in the body and causes damage from within.

Can cause: Cancer and Impaired foetal brain development

Found in: PCB’s are generally found in fish macerated and used as food for salmons. Thus making salmons a natural accumulator of the toxin which passes on to us through consumption.

2. Pesticides:

Detected in up to 95% of all the food products in the U.S. pesticides are not to be taken lightly as a hazard to our health. A report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists out percentages of certain pesticides that could turn carcinogenic, like 60% of herbicides and 90% of fungicides.

Can cause: Cancer, birth defects, Parkinson’s and miscarriages

Found in: Bug sprays and conventionally produced fruit, vegetables and meat.

3. Chloroform:

It is formed by using chlorine to water. A slightly sweet taste and a pleasant aroma are the characteristics of this colourless liquid. Chloroform is used in the further production of other liquids.

Can cause: liver and kidney damage, birth abnormalities, cancer, and fatigue

Found in: Processed food and water.

4. Heavy Metals:

Although not very apparent, heavy metals are extremely prevalent in the environment. It could lead to damage by accumulating in the soft body tissue. Arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminium and Mercury are some of these widely found toxic metals.

Can cause: Alzheimer’s, nausea, abnormal heart rate, Cancer and neurological disorders

Found in: lead pipes and paints, vaccines, aluminium cookware and pesticides.

5. Artificial sweeteners:

Around 7000 times sweeter than natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners have become indispensible for the food industry. One should, however, try and eliminate it from the daily diet. Natural sweeteners are the best and healthy alternative for it.

Can cause: Leukaemia, lymphoma, metabolic dysfunction, reduction in good cholesterol

Found in: Diet food and beverages

8 Ways To Avoid These Environmental Toxins:

– Drink purified water and install a shower / bathtub filter.

– Avoid chemical cleaning products.

– Eliminate the use of synthetic fragrances on the body.

– Do not use GMOs in food.

– Eat only wild caught seafood and organic animal products.

– Use non-toxic cookware like cast-iron.

– Use natural pesticide remedies and avoid the synthetic sprays.

– Avoid the use of plastic containers and bottles.

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