Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique Will Reduce Your Stress In Minutes!

Stress is linked to many diseases but it’s something that is a part of our everyday life, so we have to learn how to manage it effectively.

Stress in smaller quantities is not unhealthy, however, we must learn how to manage it, otherwise, it will become chronic and such stress is harmful to our health.

There are numerous ways people throughout history managed their everyday stress that people today still practice. Alcohol and smoking plants are just some of the ways people back then (and now) dealt with stress.

People nowadays deal with their everyday stress through meditation, exercise, massage, yoga, listening to music or watching a movie.

However, there are some other not-so-famous methods different cultures used to blow some steam that are effective in just seconds.

One such method is this old Japanese technique that will reduce your stress in just a couple of seconds, and it requires nothing but your hand.

Old Japanese Technique That Will Reduce Your Stress In Minutes:Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique

According to this technique, each finger is connected to specific emotion or feeling. If you know these relations, you can treat and relieve many health conditions, as explained below:

– The Thumb can help you deal with anxiety and worry;

– The Index finger can help overcome your fears;

– The Middle finger helps control feelings anger and bitterness;

– The Ring finger helps treating melancholy and depression;

– The Little finger helps boost your self-esteem, support optimism and manage stress;

How To Do It:

There are 2 ways you can do this technique:

1. Hold each finger until you feel your pulse and then grab the next one. At the end you can put gentle pressure at the center of your palm with the thumb of your opposite hand for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This way you can achieve deep state of relaxation.

2. Depending on what emotion you are trying to remedy, grab that finger and massage it for 1 minute. After 1 minute hold it for 1 more minute.

Here is an advanced way to apply this Old Japanese Technique:

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