3 Things to Stop Doing After Being Stressed

Stress is a part of our everyday life. It’s inevitable to be stressed out living in the modern society.

However, stress by itself is not as dangerous as the inability to manage it.

Some psychologists even argue that stress is not much different from excitement, and there is a way to turn the one into the other.

But aside from that, we are going to talk about the 3 things we all do after being stressed out that do us more harm than the stress itself.

3 Things to Stop Doing After Being StressedThings to Stop Doing After Being Stressed Out

1. Eating Sugary Foods

Whenever we feel sad, stressed or irritated, we subconsciously try to find comfort in sugary foods.

This is our equivalent for positive emotions, and we crave for them.

So we indulge in foods that have nothing but processed sugar inside of them.

Try to be aware of this bias and do not let it control you.

2. Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is something we associate with letting go of our problems. Whenever we want to escape from our problems, most of us think of alcohol.

But that’s exactly what you do, you escape from your problems, you do not solve them.

Even more, it’s harmful to your health and it creates a bad mindset of dealing with stress.

You are running away from it instead of facing it, resolving what you can and not needing an escape.

3. Smoking

Smoking a cigarette has a calming psychological effect.

It’s so addictive not because of the chemicals inside, but because of the mental addiction to get that quick 5 minute relaxation.

Some people even look forward to go to work just because they will be smoking a cigarette on their break, without it they don’t have any desire to be there.

They are addicted to that stress release a cigarette brings. They would subconsciously keep craving stress so they can have that break. If there is none, they would create it or exaggerate a situation.

This is an unhealthy behavior that puts you in a mindset to get away from stress instead of tackling it down and doing what’s really important. Not to speak that you are harming your body with smoking.

If you are a smoker, try to become aware of the triggers that make you smoke. Become aware of how stressful situations trigger you to smoke even more.

So, what to do instead?

Instead of eating processed foods, drinking alcohol and smoking, you can try:

– 5 minute meditation.
– Exercise.
– Walking in nature.
– Drinking a glass of water.
– Deep breathing.
– Eating fruits like bananas.
– Listening to relaxing music.
– Watching funny video.
– Going on a massage.