5 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Water sustains humanity. It’s essential for survival and is often referred to as the elixir of life. It’s the most basic thing there can be but it has been made to become something of a commodity, thanks to capitalism.

Multinational companies with intensive advertisement have almost convinced us that bottled water is indeed better than normal, unpackaged water, which is strange when you think about it.

What is stranger is that we have come to like the taste of packaged water better.

In spite of the seeming perks that come with packaged drinking water, here are 5 reasons that will show you why quitting bottled water would not be such a bad idea after all.

5 Reasons Why Bottled Water Is Not Good For YouReasons Stop Drinking Bottled Water

1. Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are non biodegradable and pose a huge threat to our environment. Plastic making itself requires the breaking down of our scarce resources that are non renewable and are even more difficult to dispose off safely.

2. Toxins

The hazards of plastic don’t end with the above point. Manufacturing units often use hazardous material in the plastic bottles that can have serious health implications in new born babies and as well as adults. These so called toxins that can also acquire hormone like behaviour.

3. Packaged water is often plain tap water

The advertisements that are shown to the general public by big corporations say that the water has been procured from fountains on high hills and pristine water springs but studies show that about 25% of packaged water is plain tap water, which is essentially misleading and makes filtered water a safer option.

4. Questionable safety

There’s no actual way to know if bottled water is actually safe, since it does not have any hard and fast restrictions to abide by or standards to live up to. General tap water, however, does have a quality to maintain. Big companies add words like “pure” and “clean” to their products for obvious reasons but that does not in any way prove it.

5. Wastage of water

Irony dies a thousand deaths here, as the water wasted to manufacture one bottle could be stored in seven of the same. It’s ultimately impractical and irresponsible to cause wastage in a degree that disturbs the environment. It would be way more feasible to just stick to filtered water.

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