Here Are 5 Alternatives To Replace Your Toxic Shampoo!

Soap and shampoo commercials are aesthetically pleasing and convincing, telling consumers that a drop of the magic potion will do wonders for our manes.

The question however, is that, is shampoo really that innocent?

Almost every Shampoo, characteristically, makes lather. This lather is a direct contribution of surfactants, and these surfactants cause all kinds of problems, starting from irritating your scalp to harming aquatic life.

A Shampoo always smells great. Ever wonder what’s used to make it smell that great? The chemical phthalates is primarily used for the above and can affect your reproductive capabilities and even harm foetuses.

Shampoo lasts for a long time and just like the point above, the chemicals used for this are toxic not just to you, but to the environment too.

Another thing everyone does is condition their tresses after they shampoo, for silky smooth texture.

Conditioners, research says is nothing less of a villain either. Apart from the above mentioned chemicals, it is rich in emulsifiers. Emulsifiers have long lasting effect on water bodies and aquatic life.

Now that we have successfully gotten the don’ts out of the way, let us talk about the alternatives!

5 Things You Can Use To Replace Your Toxic Shampoo:5 Alternatives Shampoo

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is nothing short of miraculous. It does everything, from baking a cake to cleaning your teeth. You name it, it does it. Another important task it is absolutely wonderful for is cleaning your hair. All you need to do is put it in a jar, fill it with water, shake it for a while and voila! Use it on your hair when you shower and you’ll be left with soft and clean hair.

2. Apple cider vinegar

If you do take up using baking soda as shampoo, apple cider vinegar is the best conditioner you can opt for. It restores the pH balance of the baking soda, eliminating the acidity and leaves your hair bouncy and smooth.

3. Castille soap

Dr. Bronner’s soap is a non-fake fragrance possessing substitute for hand and body wash, minus the toxicity. When used with coconut milk, it leaves nothing but butter like softness on your skin. To take things to a higher level, add in a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

4. Olive oil

We all know that olive oil has multiple uses, so no harm in adding another to the list. A few drops in your shampoo routine will do wonders for your lustrous locks and if added to your old shampoo if it was too expensive to throw out, it will neutralise its harmful effects, leaving you with nothing but gorgeousness.

5. Eggs

Ever wondered why eggs are such an important baking essential? Egg yolks are rich in lipids and lecithin, which is a natural emulsifier, as it helps mix water and oil. This is useful in removing the extra oils that make home in your scalp, leaving you with clean and silky smooth hair. Eggs are actually a staple shampoo ingredient, owing to their moisturizing abilities.

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