This Diet Cuts Liver Fat by More Than 20 Percent in Only Nine Days!

Researchers from Touro University and UC San Francisco recently discovered in a nine-day experiment how a diet could miraculously reduce liver fat up to 20 percent in an individual!

The buildup of liver fat in children and adolescents puts them at an increased risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Meanwhile, it is possible to reverse the buildup of liver fat by reducing the amount of sugar that’s commonly available in processed food products, soft drinks, and fruit juices.

A report in Journal revealed how the incurrence of liver disease has gone up in the past two decades in the youth. It leads to insulin resistance which results in diabetes 2 after a person’s ability to control blood sugar is diminished.

Jean-Marc Schwarz stated that the epidemic of fatty liver disease in children can easily be explained by how sugar turns into fat and the effects can be reversed if we remove added fructose from our diets.

People suffering from Diabetes 2 are often advised to maintain a diet that’s low-fat. A study conducted in Linkoping University revealed how consuming food rich in a lot of fat and few carbohydrates can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels and blood lipids.

Susan Noworolski, author, thinks such a significant reduction in just a matter of 9 days is not only unprecedented but also can be utilized as an exciting strategy to deal with the metabolic problems that fatty liver disease brings with it.

Another finding by researchers of the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine claims that obesity and insulin resistance might be closely associated with the fructose present in an individual’s body and the fructose consumed by an individual.

Diet Cuts Liver Fat

The participants of the nine-day experiment lost around 1 percent of their weights mainly due to water loss – the unprecedented improvement owes itself to the reduction of sugar levels rather than weight loss. Robert Lustig revealed how we often think fructose only results in empty calories whereas in reality fructose results in toxic calories – the ones that are metabolized only in the liver which in turn, changes the excess into fat.

In the experiment, the total calorie intake of the participants was the same as their pre-study intake. Fructose was substituted with glucose-rich and starchy food.

Glucose is extremely beneficial to the body and acts as the main source of energy for the body – it helps in metabolism and energy production. An MRI was performed to measure the liver fat at the commencing and ending date.

Participants consumed prepared meals for nine days that had no additional sugar, thereby, reducing 18 percent of calorie intake against pre-study days. That led to an overwhelming 20 percent reduction in liver fat and improved other metabolic measures and insulin sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity can be phenomenal in reducing the risk of diabetes. This 20 percent reduction of liver fat due to reduced fructose consumption can reduce metabolic diseases by 5 percent and save an overwhelming $10 billion a year.

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