7 Beauty Secrets from Japanese Women for Flawless Skin

The Japanese are known for their culture, cuisine and complexion. Luckily, science shows that flawless skin doesn’t come from a magic ‘beauty gene’.

All of us can get that clear, glowing look if we work with these 15 beauty secrets handed down among Japanese women for centuries.

7 Beauty Secrets from Japanese WomenBeauty Secrets from Japanese Women for Flawless Skin

1. Eat vegetables and fish, use rice for beauty.

The Japanese eat tons of vitamin rich ‘brassica’ vegetables and fish containing omega 3 fatty acids. These rejuvenate your body and slow down the aging process.

Geisha knowing that rice is a natural emollient, apply rice bran to soften their skin and wash their hair in the water used to rinse uncooked rice.

2. Drink Green Tea daily.

It has antibacterial, antioxidant properties and a concentrate that cures acne.

The Japanese also grind tea leaves to create Matcha, a potent drink that equals ten cups of green tea in one serving.

3. Avoid the sun.

Japanese women stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible and wear hats if they can’t. SPF 50+ is absolutely essential for everyone.

4. Beauty should be edible.

Nothing that will poison your stomach should be applied to your skin as it is immediately absorbed into your blood stream through the pores.

Japanese women are very careful in choosing products and never cake it on. Makeup should only enhance already flawless skin.

5. Exfoliate and Moisturize.

The Japanese use finely ground Azuki beans to get rid of dead skin or specially made washcloths that get rid of trapped dirt. This also ensures that nothing gets in the way of the serum, oils and moisturizers.

Chizu Saeki, a skincare guru, advises women to simply do a morning and nightly cleanse. Simple, structured skincare is the way to go.

Natural camellia oil is used by Geisha as a cleanser and as a moisturizer. Never use mineral oil.

6. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C has been used in all kinds of skincare and the Japanese have ensured that it is an essential component of their diets as it helps break up melanin in order to get a nice even complexion.

7. Mie-nai Oshareh.

Literally translating to ‘unseen beauty’, the Japanese believe that treating yourself well is important to make you look and feel beautiful.

Japanese women scrub with an exfoliating cleanser and then step into a hot bath that is made perfect by using oils, essence and green tea. This serves to beautify skin and de-stress.

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