12 Benefits of Beer that Will Give You a Couple of Excuses to Grab a Cold one With Your Friends!

In short, beer is an inseparable cultural artefact; something that is part of our daily ethos in the Western world.

Besides replacing the proverbial mead that forged friendships, beer is healthier than you think. It is rich in easily absorbable protein, Vitamin B complex and antioxidants. It also contains quite a few critical minerals.

If consumed moderately, beer can have a number of health benefits. Here are 7 of them we think are most interesting:

12 Benefits of Beer12 Benefits of Beer

1. Helps boost your excretory system. Keeps your kidneys in better shape by 40% according to a study.

2. Low-density lipoproteins, or LDL, often called LDL-cholesterol is harmful for your body. This is reduced by beer consumption. This is not surprising given the fact that it mildly boosts metabolism in general.

3. Beer has significant quantities of Vitamin B; significantly more than wine.

4. The silicon content of beer helps strengthen bones.

5. Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, present in hops, help cure insomnia. The same thing caused that mild sleepiness when you down a couple of cold ones.

6. Thanks to its ability to reduce LDL-C, beer reduces the risk of cardiac arrests.

7. Thanks to the potassium content in hops, beer also helps in maintaining healthy blood viscosity; that is it prevents clot formation in flowing blood.

8. Thanks to the mineral content of malt and hops, the main ingredients of beer, it helps maintain good nerve health. As a consequence, as a recent study has revealed, beer consumers have lower chances of contracting Alzheimer’s and dementia than non-consumers.

9. Beer has a calming effect on the nerves in general and it’s full of B vitamins that are food for your nervous system. You might have reaped this benefit without knowing it; every time you crack a cold one with your boys and enjoy your baseball game, you are, in effect relaxing if we go by dictionary definitions.

10. Beer has a wonderfully high Vitamin E content that is really healthy for your hair. Beer and hops extracts have been used in shampoos for a long time now.

11. Beer can be applied to skin as part of face packs as well. It makes skin more glowing and suppler.
Its effect on skin is highly regenerative and it also prevents pigmentation.

12. A University of Montreal has revealed how two glasses of beer a day actively reduced stress, taking non beer-consumers as a control.

In conclusion, one has to understand that everything including vitamins are needed in moderation. And even good things like the can of beer can cause troubles similar to the effects of general alcoholism if taken in excess.

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