7 Incredible Benefits of Jeera Water for Your Health and Weight Loss

Jeera, known in the western world as cumin is inseparable from Indian cooking; its characteristic aroma combined with its slightly warm personality as a spice makes it a must for tandoors, meats, biryanis and what not.

In combination with other spices, it is part of the famous “jaljeera” digestive as well. Besides, it has been part of the Indian medicine canon of medicinal herbs for centuries for its beneficial effect on hair, skin and the stomach.

Jeera-water/cumin-water is not anything elaborate. Just boil some water and soak in a teaspoon of cumin seeds in it and voila!

Here are seven benefits of this concoction that you might not have heard of:

  1. Digestion booster:

As mentioned above, cumin is a part of the jal-jeera concoction that aids digestion. Cumin-water not only speeds up digestion, but also helps in better secretion of digestive enzymes.

It has detoxifying properties which help in ridding the body of problems like indigestion, morning sickness, acidity, abdominal gas and nausea. It also has a cooling effect on the stomach in general.

  1. Rehydration:

Cumin-water helps in water retention and rehydration.

The spice is rich in its potassium content and helps in the balancing of electrolytes in the body fluids while maintaining a cooling effect on the body.

  1. Strengthens the immunity:

Cumin is an immunity booster and this property of it is best harvested in the cumin-water form.

Cumin is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in fighting free-radicals while keeping infections at bay.

  1. Anaemia, cure of:

Cumin is one of the richest natural sources of iron, which is needed in larger quantities for anaemics.

Anaemics normally feel fatigued because the lack of iron makes their red blood corpuscles inactive thereby making oxygen transport to the body cells faulty.

Hence people who regularly consume cumin-water also say it is a re-energising drink, because of the iron content; it speeds up RBC formation and helps in increasing oxygen absorption.

  1. Causes weight loss and checks blood pressure:

Cumin boosts metabolism rates and hence helps in better absorption of food. It is also rich in dietary fibre which makes it filling, but also prevents craving for (more) food besides smoothening your bowel removal schedule better than usual.

The potassium content in the cumin helps in electrolyte balance which makes blood pressure problems go away. Moreover potassium content is also beneficial to a healthy cardiac rhythm.

  1. Anti-carcinogenic and regulates blood sugar:

Cumin contains a substance called thymoquinone, a noted anti carcinogenic compound which research has found to be especially beneficial in treating/preventing prostate cancer. Practitioners recommend cumin-water nowadays as a complementary accompaniment to prostate cancer medication.

Cumin seeds have anti-diabetic properties too. However in case you will be undergoing surgery, doctors suggest you stop drinking it for at least two weeks before the date as it might cause erratic sugar levels which can be dangerous during surgeries.

  1. A friend of your skin:

The anti-oxidant content along with the detoxifying properties help in preventing disorders like acne and blemishes.

Besides the Vitamins A and E contained in the cumin help in slowing the aging process in general, keeping your skin smoother, suppler and wrinkle-free.

So you see how an easy homemade preparation can be beneficial to your body in so many surprising ways.

Start today and see the dramatic effect on your general health.