Stop Eating These Types of Food to Prevent Your Brain From Shrinking

Undeniably, junk foods are hard to resist, especially when you want to snack on something that comes in handy. Though you indulge in this type of food for small amounts, they will accumulate in the long run.

Study shows sugary foods and processed foods cause the brain to shrink.

What’s more alarming is what the researchers recently found. According to them, the frequent consumption of sugary drinks, high-sodium snacks, and processed meat have the possibility of shrinking a portion of your brain in the long-term.

In a study published in BMC Medicine, MRI scans of approximately 250 people in their early 60’s in 2001 were compared.

Part of the process was two dietary questionnaires that informed the researchers the two types of diet the participants underwent: A Western diet that is high in processed foods, fats, salt, and sugar; and a prudent diet that is largely composed of fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Both the researchers from Deakin University and the Australian National University found that those who were on the prudent diet had larger hippocampi, which is the part of the brain that regulates memory, learning, and mental health, than those who subscribed to the Western diet.

Thus, a decline of the physical strength or mental functioning that includes short-term memory and alertness is largely attributed to an unhealthy diet consisting of sugar and refined foods.

Other factors, such as medications, gender, and mental health issues were also taken into consideration by the study’s authors.

Nevertheless, they concluded that a poor diet is a strong indicator of a shrunken hippocampus.

In a press release, lead researcher and associate professor Felice Jacka commented:

“We’ve known for some time that components of diet, both healthy and unhealthy, have a rapid impact on aspects of the brain that affect hippocampal size and function, but up until now these studies have only been done in rats and mice. This is the first study to show that this also appears to be the case for humans.”

People have a common knowledge that sugary foods can lead to an onslaught of diabetes. But with this study at hand, people have more reason to avoid sugary foods and implement a healthier diet that doesn’t destroy the body, rather maintain its healthy functioning.

source dailyhealthgen